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+41-77-462 19 49

+90-532-645 70 66 (365days)
+90-252-455 32 54 (May-Oct)
+90-252-417 21 22 (Oct-May)


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Come to your holiday accommodation by airplane BY AIR

Besides charter flights of travel companies, there are also regular flights from several European cities to the airports Dalaman (DLM), Bodrum (BXN), Izmir Adnan Menderes (ADB)and Rhodes (RHO). Depending on at which of these airport you arrive, you can then continue from there to Marmaris by means of bus, taxi or catamaran.

List of direct flights
List of flight booking sites
Airport flight finder
Airlines that fly to Dalaman
Airlines that fly to Bodrum
Airport transfers
Dalaman Airport

Way to Marmaris by ferry BY CAR-FERRY

There are several ferry companies operating between Italy and Turkey.
When travelling to Turkey via car-ferry, you can choose from the following routes:
Ancona - Çeşme  - Ancona (April to October)
 - Çeşme  - Brindisi  (June to September)
Marmara Lines

Rhodes-Marmaris catamaran BY CATAMARAN

Often it is easier to find a  flight to Rhodes than it is to Marmaris. If you fly to Rhodes, take a taxi for the short drive from the airport to the harbor and then take the catamaran to Marmaris. The boat trip lasts 45 minutes and  is IMHO more interesting than the 90 minutes bus trip from Dalaman airport to Marmaris. Don't forget to match the arrival time of your flight on Rhodes with the departure time of the ferry.
Important: The port tax on the voyage between Rhodes and Marmaris is $24!
Yeşil Marmaris
Rhodes Marmaris ferry lines

Car trip to Marmaris BY CAR

If you would like to retain your mobility during your holidays without having to rent a car, coming here by car might be an option for you. Before starting your journey don't forget to inform yourself regarding issues like transit visas, max. amount of foreign currencies you are allowed to carry with you etc.
As of 2006 the condition of the road, starting from Turkey's Bulgarian border right up to Marmaris is as follows:

Edirne     - Istanbul    EXCELLENT, HIGHWAY (no gas stations along the highway!)
Istanbul  - B
andırma  CAR FERRY  Schedule
Bursa      - Balıkesir   
Balıkesir  - Manisa      GOOD
Manisa    - İzmir        
İzmir       - Aydın        EXCELLENT, HIGHWAY
Aydın      - Muğla       EXCELLENT
Muğla     -  Marmaris  EXCELLENT

The fee for using highways in Turkey is absolutely laughable.
However if you get caught by the radar, it can get quite expensive, so watch out!

Map 24
RAC Route Planner
Turkey road map

Useful links for your journey

Intercity-Bus companies in Turkey:

Metro Tourism



Pamukkale Turizm

Catamaran to/from Rhodes:

Rhodes Marmaris ferry lines

Ferry to Rhodes

Appr. travel times to Icmeler/Marmaris

From Dalaman (DLM)
by bus 1,5
 by car 1 h.

From Bodrum
by bus 3
,5 hrs.
by car 2,5 hrs.

From Izmir
by bus 4
by car 3 hrs.

From Rhodes
by catamaran 45 min.

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